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Afternoon club

Norden International School of Helsinki arranges the afternoon club for students in both our school and other schools as well. It starts at 2 pm and students will do two different activities per day and they are dismissed from 4-5 pm. 

Afternoon club activities and timetable

Norden International School arranges diverse and pedagogically meaningful activities. The types of activities and descriptions are down below.

1. ESL (English as a second language)- Norden International School organizes the ESL class for students who would like to learn and use English furthermore to improve.

2. IT (Media literacy) - IT and media literacy skills are essential in 21st-century society. Students will learn to utilize the search engine, applications, and gadgets. Moreover, students will learn to analyze the media message critically and produce their own messages via media devices. 

3. Arts and Crafts - In modern society, creativity is emphasized more than ever. Students will have the opportunity to express themselves by creating their own art pieces. They will also improve thinking skills, organizing skills, and hands-on technique while developing stronger creativity.

4. Dancing - Dancing allows students to raise awareness of their own body and how their own body works. In addition, students also learn how to express themselves in a new and creative way which helps them to release their stress and build a healthier identity.

5. Board games - Board games are engaging for students and it allows students to learn the meaning of the rules and to enjoy the games by complying with the rules naturally.

6. Homework - Afternoon club teacher and other interns help students to do their homework when they have some difficulties. 





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