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Making a Difference

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Norden International School of Helsinki, initially established as Kielo International School in August 2013, is a distinguished private educational institution. Situated in Malmi, Helsinki, it boasts excellent accessibility via public transport. English serves as the primary language of instruction, with students also receiving Finnish language education as a secondary focus. The school offers primary education for grades 1 through 6 and is currently enrolling students in these grades.

Norden International School of Helsinki adheres to Finnish basic education laws, the national curriculum standards, and the recommended distribution of lesson hours. Recognized as a Home School, it serves as an educational institution under this designation. Furthermore, the school collaborates closely with the local education departments of Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa. Officers from these departments are responsible for assessing the educational outcomes and goals set by Norden International School, ensuring alignment with national expectations.

At Norden International School of Helsinki, our philosophy centers on a child-focused approach to education. Our foremost goal is to recognize and cherish the individual talents of each student. Our students benefit from a high-quality education imparted by dedicated and expert teachers. Beyond our comprehensive curriculum, we offer a variety of engaging activities outside the classroom to ensure our students remain enthusiastic and inspired all year round.

Norden School’s students come from various countries and cultures. The school welcomes children of all backgrounds. We cherish diversity and encourage our students to learn from each other.

At Norden, our activities provide our students with academic achievements and encourage them to become active and responsible members of society.

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